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last stand at mustards

Okay so I almost forgot the final installment of my Napa experience. This was late in the day on Saturday after we tooled around Sonoma Square, Train Town (don’t judge), Cline Cellars and Viansa (a nostalgic visit for some good cheese and Balsamic/zin vinegar. Anyway, as we pulled out of Viansa at around 5pm we called up to Mustards to see about availability, because last-minute is how we roll! It was no surprise that they were fully booked for that night but they said it was still early enough that they were still seating walk-ins on a first come first serve basis at the bar. The earlier we could get there the better! Now I’m sure a few of you know just how far away we were but I managed to roll up at Mustards at just about 5:30pm. We walking in and the hostess knew exactly who we were and praised us on getting there so quickly…I explained that eating here was THE ONLY thing that my girlfriend wanted to do and with that the hostess proceeded to seat us at a nice table in the main room!

Now I have been going on and on about stupid lent and here we are just a day away from the end of lent, at Mustards…sorry but we had to cheat…I promised I’d eat fish on Easter, which I did.

So my GF’s daughter had the ribs:

The GF had the pork chop:

And I had the Truck Stop (21 day aged ribeye)! Pure heaven on a plate!

And we paired it with a nice half bottle of the 2007 Hess Allomi Vineyard Cab! Sure they had much nicer but at this stage this was the only cab in budget range and it was really nice to say the least.

It was the perfect meal to cap off an otherwise perfect weekend in Napa and Sonoma and really was a major highlight of the entire trip. As we headed back down 29 with the sun easing into the west we caught a glimpse of the Napa Train heading north….

Maybe next time we’ll ride the rails…