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This is why I love Spanish Wine!

Ok so, it’s been a while…ages to be more precise…since I posted. To be honest I’ve been drinking a lot more beer this hot summer than wine. However, Sunday I decided, just for the hell of it, to crack open this bottle.

2003, Terreus, Paraje de Cueva Baja, Tempranillo, Castillo y Leon
Let’s just start by saying WOW!!! Big and lush without being overbearing of flabby. The age on this has allowed the oak and tannins to integrate quite nicely to creat a very well balance, beautifully structured and complex wine. The nose was rich and warm with subtle hints of spiced dark fruits. The palate was mouth coating and full of rich black berry flavours. A silky ribbon of dark chocolate accented by finely textured tannins ran down the middle and just wouldn’t quit…all the way through what seemed to be an eternal finish. I only wish that I had the kind of cash it takes to buy some more of this!

Well, that’s about it for now. Will be heading to Disney over the holiday weekend so if I have a nice bottle during one of our dinners I will certainly try to snap a pic and post when I return.!